August article

August article

Hello folks!

Welcome back! It's time for another update of how things are going! Enjoy the read!

We will continue discussing the same topics from the last month, interface and living town system, as they are the current focus outside of engine-related work.


The work on the Main screen continues and we have finished designing and creating the Core game box, a part of the interface that shows all the necessary details.

And as mentioned before, we added some customization for the player to have it set up the way he prefers, you can check it out on video here:

Town System

The living town system received significant additions and tweaks, making the whole world a lot more alive looking.


A panic system was implemented, the gunfire, fighting in town raises the panic level, the town citizens cower and scream, running to hide in a nearest safe spot while town guards pull out their weapons and begin to look for troublemakers. 

The town guards will also exist in northern towns, making troublemakers rethink if they want to pointlessly go and kill everyone on their sight for pocket money. 

After Panic fades out, the town calm down, going back to their previous routines.

Triggered Panic video:


Another important addition to our town system are Visitors.

Visitors are traders and wastelanders, not unlike the player.

Those NPC's will offer to sell their goods - that can range from junk to really rare items - to the player, offer him a quest or request to travel with him to another town in sorts of one time VIP escort caravan.

The visitors stay a while in town, depending how busy they are kept by players, then leave, who knows what happens to them later.

Few Visitors coming in:

We're working to give Visitors an original look that will help players spot them out in the now crowded towns of the wasteland. They will carry backpacks and sometimes be accompanied by a fellow mutt or anything else that can be tamed in the universe of Fonline.

But beware. Not everyone who enters the northern towns might be friendly.

All of the above videos were recorded in classic 3d setting, no animation smoothing, 18 fps animation limit, and no multisampling, some people might enjoy such setting more.

See you next month!