July article

July article

Hey there!

We're on vacation season and most of the time we weren't around, but we still have made satisfying progress!

As we push on further we find more and more issues with the engine, thankfully as it became open source, we can fix it ourselves.

Our past month...

The engine reworks continue, while the rest works on feature frameworks and interface.

The first version of the chat interface is in! We have implemented new fonts for the game and quality of life systems while providing some nice customization abilities.


The chatbox can be resized to your liking, in future we plan to add more options, including font size.

In meanwhile all the necessary interface concept art is in progress. Some examples below.

The worldmap interface, Chatbox with players listed side by side, with a vehicle panel if player is driving one.

A modular elevator system, we will be able to use this one and change amount of buttons and labels on them as neccessary, the fancy warning sticker will be also replaced accordingly depending on location.

Code wise there is always not much to show on the frontend result but the living world initial system is in! 

The maps have a pool of spots and a list of NPC presets that randomly generate the citizens and town guards. The AI between citizens and guards is different. While guards focus on patrolling the area and taking a break from time to time, the citizens just go around minding own business. 

Below you can see two videos from tests of random generation and movement, the NPCs say debug commands so we know what are they "thinking"! Additionally, their idle time is shortened to make them idle less for testing.


The town Adytum during it's daily routine. 


Gecko. Not a place to be for a smoothskin.