Season 4 progress showcase

Season 4 progress showcase

Hey there folks! 

We haven't written here in a while, but despite the COVID19 outbreak and lack of articles, we're going strong with the game! 

We've made quite the amount of features and upgrades since the last article, improving the basic quality of life and implementing the new core gameplay mechanics. There is honestly too much to write about so I have compiled it into a Showcase video for your convenience!  Have a good watch and come back to the article if you have any questions. I will try to update this post with Q/A if any questions arise. 

The video will mention:

1) New context menu

2) Item management Quality of Life

3) Mouse improvements

4) Party System

5) Weapon Modding System

Assuming you have watched the video, we hope you're satisfied with how things are progressing on our end. We have other improvements and systems in progress which can be noticed on the video with an eager eye - but it's not done yet, so all we can hope is that showing already done systems will erase any doubts that you might have had as we went silent over the months.