Beginner’s Guide


If you are new to this game and have no clue how to make any decent character, then you can use this starter character for new players to help you in your first journey in the Fonline2 world. This character setup will provide you access to most important Perks, and will let you overcome most upcoming challenges.


Few words about this character:

  • High Endurace is needed for a large number of Hit Points, meaning you can take more punishment before you die.
  • Crucial stats for getting good Perks are: 6 points of Perception, 6 points of Intelligence, 7 points of Agility, 6 points of Luck and 6 points of Strenght.
  • 4 points of Strenght will be enough to carry decent amount of items.
  • With this setup, you will be able to craft everything and manage to do most of the dungeons all by yourself.

  • Traits:

  • Trait Fast Metabolism gives you a significant health regeneration bonus.
  • Chem Reliant increases duration of drug timer to 60 minutes. Sooner or later, you are going to start using drugs.

  • Tag Skills:

  • Small guns are most common guns in the Wasteland, and are the easiest to acquire. You can also tag Big Guns instead, but those are harder to get early in the game.
  • Repair Skill is essential to get Armorer and Gunsmith Professions. You will need 130% to achieve level 3 Profession.
  • Outdoorsman is a Skill that lets you avoid unwanted encounters in the worldmap. Your first priority is to get this Skill to 95%, more is not needed, however.

  • How Much Skill?
    Here is some advice for Skill percantages that you should aim to have in the end. Those nunbers vary from character to character, but there are some constant averages:

    - Doctor 100%
    - Small Guns 200%
    - First Aid 150% or more,
    - Science 160% (130% to get Professions)
    - Repair 160% (130% to get Professions)
    - Outdoorsman 95% (Get this as soon as you can.)
    - Lockpick 80%

    You can take a new Perk every three levels of experience. Here is the list of recommended Perks:

    [Level 3]      Toughness - gives you more damage resistance.
    [Level 6]      Toughness - gives you more damage resistance.
    [Level 9]      Bonus Ranged Damage - grants additional damage to your shots and bursts.
    [Level 12]    Lifegiver - gives you additional 40 Hit Points.
    [Level 15]    Lifegiver - gives you additional 40 Hit Points.
    [Level 18]    Bonus Rate Of Fire - make you shoot faster. (You use one less Action Point per single shot.)
    [Level 21]    Bonus Ranged Damage - grants additional damage to your shots and bursts.
    [Level 24]    Medic - Halves First Aid and Doctor cooldown timers. This Perk will allow you to heal yourself more often, so you will save on healing supplies.


    Here are some few early game tips:

  • After you get on your feet, speak to Kenny, the man outside the tent you woke up in.
  • Take the Tutorial, go pick some flint behind the tent and craft (Press F) a primitive tool, then go cut a tree. Kenny will give you pickaxe.
  • Kenny will want you to kill huge Radscorpion in a cave nearby and bring back its claws. Equip the pickaxe and use it as a weapon. Pickaxe and Primitive Tool have Close Range Weapon Perk, so you can hit with ease. Go to the cave and kill every scorpion and take some healing powder and a leather jacket from the corpses.
    After you killed the biggest the Radscorpion, speak to Kenny and he will tell you to go check some caravan he was waiting for. You can go there and search the bodies until you find a Holodisk. Go back to Kenny.
  • You can use Kenny's tent as a place to store your items until you get your own. Kenny´s tent is a safe location, so only you have access there. But be very careful when bringing other people to your tent, they can kill you and take all your belongings. Be absolutely sure no one is following you when you are leaving a town and heading to your safe place.
  • When you move to level 2, use Skill Points to improve your Outdoorsman right away.
  • Few zones away from Kennys tent lies Junktown, the best city to be visited first, containing a lot of quests and opportunities for a new player, such as members of Junktown Scouts faction, which aims to help newcomers and patrols surrounding area searching for bandits.
  • Near the gate, there is a caravan packer which needs some help with carrying the boxes.
  • In the center part of the town you can shovel some brahmin shit to get money and experience.
  • Later you can head to the Hub, most frequnetly visited city in Wasteland. There you can speak to Iguana Bob and ask him for work, he will give you a simple delivery job.
  • After you have finished your delivery, he will ask you to find 10 fruits. They can be found in encounters, but be aware, there might be enemies nearby, so keep your eyes open.
  • You can also speak to the Caravan Master, who can assign you to a caravan run, but on early levels you might encounter enemies that are too strong for you. Not to mention the other players. The shortest and easiest route is from Hub to Shady Sands.

  • You should complete all the possible quests in the Hub and Junktown. Then you can get crafting professions and gear yourself up. After that, you can collect caps, buy gear, get experience, play with some friends, kill enemies in encounters loot them and sell the stuff. Craft your own tent or buy yourself a base. Refer to wiki and forum, and do that often. Remember that Wasteland is harsh, you are probably going to die many times. Be sure to you store all valuable items in a safe location before you head out to the wastes.

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