What is FOnline 2 ?

FOnline 2 is a post nuclear massive role playing multiplayer game set in the ruins of United States of California, in the year 2237. Normal human behaviour is absent for most of the part, the inhabitants of the Wasteland are engaged in a struggle of survival, maintaining and fighting for the left-over resources from the past, before the Great War that ended the world as the people knew it. Life continues to exist, but is full of violence, chaos and despair.

Do I need to pay for the game, how can I buy it? Is there some subscription fee?

No, the game is completely free of charge. Download it, install it, customize your character and you're ready to go.

Where I can learn more about the game?

Read our Wiki or ask the community if you got any questions regarding the game.

What is the current status of the game development?

Online 2 currently is in a very advanced open beta phase. New content, features are constantly added and tested. Testing is commenced by the community in a Free to Play, Open Beta Test environment, each session significantly improving and forwarding the game to a more absolute state.

What plans do developers have for the nearest future of FOnline 2?

-New content.
-Bug fixing, quality control.
-Expanded game functionality.

Can I play the game offline?

No, the game is designed for multiplayer environment only.

How many players are able to play together?

There is no limit, the whole server might be at a single location given the right circumstances.

How many servers do you have to choose from: US, European, Asia?

Currently only one and it is located in Europe.

Is there any way how to support your project?

You can support the project through donation or try to contribute some actual Dev-Work, like helping out with game translation or some other tasks.