FOnline 2 was being developed from scratch in silence for a year starting from clean FOnline Engine SDK, until FOnline 2238 server was officially shut down.
Then, we immidiatelly stepped in and launched our server in early beta state in order to provide for all "2238 orhpans" a place to call a new home.
From that time, our small Dev Team is constantly developing this game in our limited free time, after all real life duties such as job, bills etc. are covered. Until now we managed to keep it free from costs and never asked for donations. (despite some players themselfes were asking to donate).

Server machine will be hosted now on a new dedicated server located in France, which is more powerful than our previous (free) server located in Poland (which is no longer avaiable). With this change comes monthly expenses that need to be covered.
We already spent some our personal cash for things like domains, website, hosting and others.

So if you would like support FOnline 2, now there is such a possibility. We will appreciate every donation.Money not spent on server costs, will be directed into game advertising (which will affect in bigger playerbase) and depending from needs to some proffesional outsource work.

Currently available donation methods:
- PayPal
- Direct money transfer via bank (for users from Poland and Russia)
- Bitcoin / Litecoin (info below)

PayPal link is available below (click the image):

BTC: 1N11poHnUqTJLPmRa8gtz2PpgvPMpjsXRz

LTC: LMNUctaNyDdg3KW2ScWPdwzQhm62XwfHY1

If you want to make direct transfer, PM Rascal (PL transfers) or Skycast (RUS transfers) for details.