Beta Test Announcement and Season 4 Progress 2/2

Beta Test Announcement and Season 4 Progress 2/2

Beta Test is scheduled for 03.06.2023-04.06.2023 Starting around 18:00 GMT+2

The game client will be released before tests.

Hey, Wastelanders.

We are going to organize a small beta test to pinpoint any bugs and find the issues with balance, beta test will offer both PvP and PvE elements,

Players will begin the game at the tutorial and then receive the following on completion:

  • level raised to 30.
  • skills increased to 100.
  • all crafting recipes up to Tier 3.

Players will find three dungeons, Necropolis, Warehouse, and Glow.

- Necropolis is a PvE-only dungeon during this Beta test. So don't be shy about grouping up with strangers to get past the dungeon.

- Glow is slightly complicated and requires players to think smart to not get locked in and die from radiation. Radiation resistance drugs will allow Players to stay there for longer.

- Warehouse is full of deadly Deathclaws, it's a quick get-in, get-out type of place.

Players can create their outpost inside an encounter by crafting Tent Backpack and using it. Most of the base features are disabled but Players can use it as a storage and crafting place. Players can also invite others with the “#addmember playername” command.

There will be two towns available that players can regroup and trade-in.

Plenty was added since the previous post and we'll run down some of the features quickly, you will be able to test them out in the upcoming beta test. Below you will find information about some of the mechanics.

Encounter System

The world map is separated by biomes. The encounters are randomly generated with structures and resources that are available for the specific biome player is in. Players might encounter two separate NPC groups at once that scale with their travel group count. Having 3 players in the travel group doesn’t exactly triple the enemy count. Each specific groups have its scaling so it’s balanced depending on enemy type.

Worldmap Group and Party

Players can have up to 8 party members totally in Party, this means if one party member leaves, everyone else can follow them onto Worldmap. There is no limit or disadvantage to traveling in a group, as long as people travel on foot or the vehicle has enough seats for everyone.

If a group enters an encounter, everyone from your party will be able to see it.

For example, if you will enter an encounter, a party member in the hub can leave the town and join you as it’s visible to him on Worldmap.

Tutorial and Starting Location

After registering, the game puts you in Northcrest Ranch, a semi instanced location with plenty of quests that teach basics to the player. The tutorial follows a couple of rules:

  • On death, you will spawn again in the graveyard.
  • You do not lose loot.

Players can follow the quest line to find out what to do or leave the location early by heading to a camp that is located northeast of the ranch.


When you die after the tutorial your loot will be dropped and you will respawn within an encounter somewhere 3 zones away from where you have been killed.

Quest Log

The player can find all his ongoing quests inside the quest log accessible by pressing “j” or opening it from the inventory/multipanel menu

Destructible structures

Players might run into destroyable structures, it can be a rock pile, cracked wall, or just doors.

Destroying them could open passage to extra loot in dungeons, or secret shortcuts. One example can be found in Vault 15, where destroying rockfall with dynamite lets players into an extra loot room.


Suffocation is an anticamp feature, if players remain in a closed loot room that requires a certain task to be opened, they will begin suffocating. Suffocation takes a % of max health, so the result is a quick death if the player attempts to exploit secure rooms.


The outdoorsman skill is not yet active although it will work in a way that the highest party member outdoorsman skill will be used for traveling calculation.

Bug Report System

You will now find an in-game bug report system after accessing the menu, there you can describe the issue. Your location and name will be automatically reported, so just include the information.

Optimization And Improvements

Since the last pvp beta, we’ve spent months optimizing and looking for things that might cause performance impact. The result is a far smoother game even if there are a lot of players running in combat.