Season 4 Tests 07-08.10.2023

Season 4 Tests 07-08.10.2023

Hello wastelanders, We're eager to test the current in-house version of Season 4 before writing an article about it. We invite factions to participate in testing core features of the upcoming season:

  • Faction system
  • Town Control

If you're part of a faction and are interested in participating with your crew, react to this message for a tester role and quick briefing, as we intend to run the tests over the upcoming weekend. Small groups and solo players are also welcome to create factions to experience the game mechanics.

The test server will be running for at least 24 hours, and the town control will automatically begin in Redding every full hour.  Redding was conveniently placed in an absurd spot near Junktown.  You have whole freedom to explore world, do quests, dungeons and design bases. But our main goal is to test new build system and the town control mechanics.  At the end of the test we will provide statistics and inform factions of their total score gained.

Edit: The test was a success and now we are gathering bug reports and improving on the game. Thank you everyone who has participated!